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SportsEars™ is a system designed and invented by Murray Tregonning of Murray Tregonning & Associates. It allows the re-transmission of the On - Field Match Official’s microphones to the crowd at the game. It utilizes and is fed the microphone signals from the MatchCom™ Referee Talkback System, which is also a product designed by Murray Tregonning & Associates.

SportsEars is a unique “fan” based product that not only demystifies the referee’s decisions but informs, educates and entertains the viewing public at a game. It has been well received by the New Zealand rugby fans and is increasing in popularity as time progresses.

SportsEars is now in its 8th year of operation as a licensed product of the New Zealand Rugby Union. This is a unique sporting product.  It is much more than a normal radio and for the true rugby fan this is the answer to a dream!

The Premium SportsEars model is a normal FM radio with a difference.  It can be used during the week to receive normal FM radio stations. 

The SportsEars unit at a match enables the fans to listen to all the on-field referees involved in the game communicating with each other. You will hear all the referee’s calls as he cautions players, makes decisions and awards tries, penalties etc.

SportsEars seem to have the ability to “shrink the ground” and even if you are seated at the back of the grandstand it “puts you right in the action”.

But that’s not all! SportsEars Premium model has an additional feature that allows you to listen to the accurate television commentary of the match call as the commentators guide you through the strategies and finer points of the game, at the game!  So you can hear your favourite television commentators as you do at home at the ground!  And, of course, you can also watch the great television video coverage of the game in close up on the giant screen. 

So, the SportsEars Premium model can deliver the user three options of listening entertainment. The Referee(s) in both ears or the Television commentary in both ears or Television commentary in one ear and the Referees in the other ear simultaneously. 

SportsEars comprises a quality hard plastic unit that is supplied with batteries which are replaceable and quality stereo earpieces. 

As a corporate gift SportsEars offers something a little different from the gifts clients normally receive.  As a fan based product, SportsEars can be offered at retail level, ticketing outlets and venue merchandising stores. As well as our regular retail clientele.

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